Cooking with Our Niece, Grace

Karen Davis and niece Grace

My husband, Scott, and I are blessed with awesome nieces and nephews. It amazes me how fast they are growing up! Recently, our nine-year-old niece, Grace, came to visit us over her spring break from school. We had a blast (and got totally worn out) all at the same time!

Grace making breakfast

Grace loves to help in the kitchen, so we made several recipes including homemade pancakes, muffins, bars, and pizza. Besides cooking, we also did a scavenger hunt, had a silly string war, made confetti stuffed Easter eggs (to smash on each other outside), watched a movie, and generally had FUN!

Grace with Chicken Caesar Pizza

Grace with chocolate muffins

Grace is quite the “ham” and kept us laughing during her visit. She loves to tease her Uncle Scotty and even made a scavenger hunt around the house for him to do. More than once I found myself chuckling at her comments.

Grace with ScottWhile I was getting ready one morning Grace watched me put on my make up. She was taking it all in and asking questions. Because a girl needs to be ready when she’s old enough to wear make up, you know. Part way into the process she said, “You look really different with your make up off”.  I burst out laughing.  Yes, Grace, it’s kinda scary, isn’t it?

Grace washing dishes

It’s these fun little moments and memories I will cherish. While making a pizza for dinner, we decided to videotape our adventure. I wanted to share it with all of you, too. I made a joke at the end about hoping to eat the pizza before midnight. I’m pleased to report we finished up by dinner time. 🙂

And, if this makes you hungry for pizza, here is a link to the Chicken Caesar Pizza recipe featured in the video. We gave it 5 stars!