Easter Bunny Napkins

Easter Bunny Napkins


Besides cooking and baking, I also love setting a pretty table for special meals. When I was first married, I wondered if my husband would think this was crazy. But, it turns out, he seems to enjoy it just as much as our guests.

A few years ago I challenged myself to setting our Easter table with a napkin that would also double as a table favor. The result was these Easter Bunny Napkins made with just a few simple things I found at our local discount store.

It’s funny how holidays can make us feel like kids again. Plus, we also have several nieces and nephews, so its fun to plan these types of treats for them.

Items Needed:

  • 16-inch square cloth napkin (I’ve also made these with paper napkins)
  • 8-inch coordinating piece of ribbon
  • plastic eggs
  • Easter candy treats (to tuck inside the plastic eggs, if desired)

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