Banana Blueberry Muffins

blueberriesWe are crazy about blueberries at our house — so much so that we decided to plant a blueberry bush in our garden this year. Just yesterday when I arrived home from my latest Taste of Home Cooking School trip, Scott and I found the package with our blueberry plant on the front step.

We promptly scouted out the garden in our backyard and found a spot to plant it. This is our first berry plant, so it will be interesting to see how it does. It will be a few years before it starts to produce, but when it does it will be fun to harvest fresh berries from outside our back door.

Besides tasting delicious, blueberries are also good for you. They are a great source of vitamin C (that plays a role in wound healing, tissue development and immunity), manganese (which helps the body process cholesterol, carbs and protein), and fiber (which helps you feel fuller faster).

blueberry bush

We like blueberry desserts and simply enjoy them on top of cereal for breakfast. So, I decided to develop a new recipe for blueberries this morning. I paired them with another of our favorite fruits (bananas) and made these Banana Blueberry Muffins. They were a hit, so I wanted to share them with you.

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