Georgia’s On My Mind

Pink flowers in Savannah, GA

IMG_2251I’m on my way home from a trip to Georgia where I presented a Taste of Home Cooking School Thursday evening in Kingsland. I decided to tack on an extra day to my trip so I could explore the area. It was delightful.

If you’re not familiar with your Georgia geography, don’t worry. That was not my best subject in school either! Kingsland is located in the Southeast corner of the state. In fact, the nearest airport is in Jacksonville, Florida, so I flew there and drove 20 minutes up to Kingsland.

We set up for the cooking school on Wednesday afternoon, so I had a little extra time that morning. I drove over to nearby Jekyll Island for lunch at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. This hotel was built in 1887 and is loaded with southern charm. It made me feel like I was stepping back in time.


As I was parking my van outside the entrance I noticed a couple playing crochet out on the lush green lawn in front of the hotel. Since it was lunchtime I decided to treat myself to a meal in the Grand Dining Room which features beautiful white columns and elegant chandeliers.

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