Why I’m Thankful for My Mom

Karen & Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to introduce you to my mom, Ann.

There are many things I’ve learned from her over the years. As I look back at my upbringing, and look ahead to Mother’s Day, I am so thankful.

Mom and Dad - weddingI am thankful my Mom is selfless. After going to college, becoming a registered nurse, and working for a few years, my Mom moved from the city to the country to marry my Dad and live on the farm. About a year later she became a new mom, and then went on to have three more kids. She stayed at home with us while we were growing up, and I am forever grateful for her sacrifices.

I am thankful my Mom is creative. Whether I was entering a project in the 6th grade science fair or preparing a presentation for 4-H, she helped me make it extra special. For instance, when I wanted to do my science fair project on the importance of giving blood, she took me to tour the local Blood Bank and we brought home slides and actual samples for my display table.

I am thankful my Mom is supportive. My Mom is soft spoken, tenderhearted and loyal. Whenever I came home from school with a challenge, she was ready to lend an ear, and I knew she had my back. She didn’t push me to be in activities and allowed me to choose the ones I wanted to do.

I am thankful my Mom is brave. After raising her kids my mom returned to college to get her Bachelor’s degree in English. I was impressed with her courage to do this and graduate the same year my sister graduated from college. She then went back to work as an RN at a hospital in Des Moines. It impressed me then, and it impresses me even more now as an adult.

My MomI am thankful my Mom is an encourager. If I have a down day and need a listening ear, my Mom is always on the other end of the phone. She builds me up and reassures me I’m good enough just the way I am. And, anytime I have an event in central Iowa, such as a cooking class, she (and Dad) are there in the audience cheering me on.

I am thankful my Mom has a strong faith. She’s been a Sunday School teacher and a Stephen Minister for the Lutheran congregation where I grew up. She preferred teaching high schoolers the best, and they responded to her by turning out regularly for class. I also remember them liking the bacon, scrambled eggs, and cinnamon rolls she served on special Sundays. And, she enjoyed decorating her classroom and making banners with the students.

I am thankful my Mom is a writer. Since her days in college working towards a degree in English, I’ve watched my Mom’s love for reading and writing grow even more. I have enjoyed reading her stories and articles over the years and always value her opinion of my writing.

And, now, since I know my parents don’t have a computer in their house to see my web site and read this post, I am heading to my printer to print off a copy.

I think it is time for a visit to the farm to deliver this in person to my mom for Mother’s Day!